Tribal Bellydance Series

To be honest I never cared for bellydancing until I saw Sabine dance her famous double sword dance.  Even though I am a dancer and love dance I was never attracted to this style, but Sabine changed that, she is an amazing dancer, regal and commanding, you cannot withhold your respect for her and her artform.  She teaches and performs worldwide a style called American Tribal Belly Dance which is a fusion of costumes and folkloric dance styles from the Middle East, North African, Spain, and India.  You can reach her at


Art inspired by early Jazz, Swing and Tropical Heat


Sabine ~ Tribal Sword Dance


This is the first in a series, the original is available, and it is also available in a limited edition giclee, and greeting cards.


During the premier of this painting, Sabine performed a wonderful number, and at about half way through she turned, dropped next to the painting and hit the exact pose as in the painting, to which the crown went wild.  She is a consumate entertainer  : )   It was a joy to combine dance, music and my artwork.  


You can watch this amazing video from my Home page : )