Swing Era Series

This series celebrates my favorite era: the Swing Era and Early Jazz, and the dance style I love: The Lindy Hop, and its founder Frankie Manning, my teacher and friend.  


Along with this series is included other styles of the era:  The Charleston, Big Apple, Blues, Jazz...


Art inspired by early Jazz, Swing and Tropical Heat

Jitterbug Phantom frankiepainting

Jitterbug Phantom


This painting was commissioned by Michael D'Angelo.  He wanted this art deco train The New York Central, and a few buildings, I suggested hallmark buildings in the two cities it traveled between - Chicago and New York.  


I took 3 famous landmarks for the background:  the Manhattan Bridge, The Chrysler Building, and the Chicago Theatre.  I changed the wording on the marquee to represent a Lindy Hop championship.  Notice there is a ballroom on the top floor with chandeliers, and the letters "G O" reflect in the window from the sign.  


Soon after this painting was finished it was was accepted by Visoni Greeting Card Company.  When I didnt have a title, Eddie suggested the Jitterbug Phantom.  It was a perfect fit as Frankie had just passed away and for me it became a memorial to him, our Jitterbug Phantom that will always be with us.  Available in cards, and possibly posters.

Frankie Manning and Willa Mae Ricker


Description coming soon!

PhantomClose1 PhantomClose2 DeniseMichael