Frankie Manning Centennial Collection Volume 1: Nov. 1999


In celebration of Frankies 100th Birthday I am making available this unique collection of DVDs filming Frankie Manning's workshops taught in Eugene and Portland, Oregon during the last 20 years.  Each volume is special and different, full of Frankies irreplacible styling and 'joie de vivre!'  Each volume captures Frankie teaching intermediate Lindy Hop steps and styling with Denise Steele over a 4 day workshop.  This volume covers the complete workshop of November of 1999, every step is included in detail.  Stay tuned for more DVDs to come!

EXTRAS IN THIS DVD: Frankie teaches the Shim Sham and variations!  
PLUS Frankie shares stories of his life!

This DVD is from Denise's unique and personal film collection, filmed on location. It is an excellent source for students wanting to learn more about the original "Savoy" style Lindy Hop.  Recorded in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, November 1999.  Copyright Denise Steele.
DVD: 68 minutes


Art inspired by early Jazz, Swing and Tropical Heat